The Gap Credit Card is open for online registration and card application. This card offers up to 5 points for every dollar spent on the card. While 1 point is spent on expenses paid with the card outside the store. What is your gain? Your profit earns as much as you spend. Earn what you spend and manage the rewards yourself. We bring you a Gap credit card login account.


What Are The Gap Portal Benefits?

Automatic Updates

The basic edition of a credit card system would not be a credit card system at all if it did not have the option to upgrade to a Silver or Gold edition. Customers have the option of updating their cards when they become eligible for the program at Gap. Any customer who earns at least 5,000 bonus points in a year will automatically be upgraded to Silver status. Achieving Silver status can mean up to 20% off eligible purchases.

Free Delivery Online

Free online delivery is an added benefit for Silver customers. One of the few complaints from online shoppers is about shipping costs and how they affect the overall economy. This nifty little GapCard-related item saves shipping costs.

Birthday Bonus Offers

A nice bonus is that Gap wants to be a part of your birthday party. Every GapCard cardholder gets 10% off their birthday purchase. This discount may be limited when used in conjunction with other discounts.

Easy And Hassle-Free Point Redemption

If you have earned reward points and would like to redeem them, there is nothing more frustrating than having to jump over obstacles in order to do so. Bonus points earned with GapCard can be easily redeemed at a rate of $5 per 500 points earned.